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25-Jun-03 - Update: Last week was a tough loss, a sloppy loss, but a lot of fun, as far as I'm concerned. Low Expectations was good sports about it too! In fact, they are so nice, they took a few pictures of us,, you can see them on their site...Today's game is ON, let's go... it's against a team we've beaten!!

17-Jun-03 - Update: We've been a long overdue for an update... also been long overdue for a game. However, most importantly, we've been long overdue for a WIN, and so I'm happy to say that now, after last week, we've gotten all three! Playing slightly shorthanded --much thanks to the opponents, who let us "borrow" another team's player, but hey, we've done lending in the past -- we won 8-6. Defense and kicking was outstanding! Let's see if tomorrow's weather holds out... (yeah, right).

21-Apr-03 - News: A belated congratulations to the whole team, on our victory last Wednesday. Officially, the score was 11-5. I think it was closer to 12-3 or 12-4 or something, but I'm not gonna complain... Also, please be sure to familiarise yourself with the kickball field diagram, as well as the rules, if you haven't done so already. Finally, note that there is a DOUBLEHEADER this week, 23-Apr.

09-Apr-03 - Update: A few pictures from the preseason practice are available here. More, as the season commences.

02-Apr-03 - News: Some photos (not mine) from the kegger are available right here. Also, remember that there's a practice game today, at 6.30 - Lake Fairfax cricket fields!

30-Mar-03 - Update: The Maggie's Farm contingent who made it to the pick-up game really showed the league up, as far as I'm concerned, regarding both kickball and consumption abilities! Shout-outs to Joe, Matt, Robin, Bridgette and our newest teammate, Verna. Thanks for the good time, all -- it was fun. The next practice(s) will be next Wednesday (2-Apr-03) and Thursday (3-Apr-03), at the Lake Fairfax Park cricket fields. Lake Fairfax is in Reston, off of Baron Cameron Ave, about 1/2 mile south of Rte. 7 (Map).

Pictures from the game, while perhaps not including any of us, will be on the site soon.

Oh yeah, and I changed the background. A lot of people found it kinda suspicious. It was all a coincidence, I swear!

26-Mar-03 - Update:Team and league schedules are available!

25-Mar-03 - News: Welcome to the webpage for Maggie's Farm, the most high-class team in WAKA's Reston division. Let me know if you see anything that you think needs adjusting, or have anything to add...

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