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Socially responsible investing

When it comes to size, socially responsible funds aren’t the biggest player in the $8 trillion fund world. But they pack a bigger punch than their size suggests, thanks to the pressure they bring by exposing social responsibility performance as well as bottom line performance.

Interesting article. I’ve owned PAXWX (one of the funds mentioned) for a while now.

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(bad pun, there)

So it seems Pavarotti is entering the pop music biz

Yet for years he rebuffed attempts by his record label, Decca, to record a non-classical album, as many of his operatic peers have done. He was finally convinced after one of his three adult daughters prodded him to listen to material she thought would be perfect for his legendary tenor. The result is a collection of sweeping ballads that has been a top seller on the classical crossover charts since its release in late September.

Well, now he’s gone and done it. I guess it’s only a matter of time before he’s spied topless in People magazine and goes off having 55 hour marriages…

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Rooty toot toot.

CNN: Traveler’s flute causes airport evacuation

“The passenger was allowed to board his flight after being questioned, but without his flute in the container made of plastic PVC pipe. Eight flights were affected and more than 300 passengers evacuated while bomb technicians investigated.”

PVC pipe? What, is this guy a member of Blue Man Group, or something?

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So Obvious

“‘So’ is the new favourite — at least among mainstream culture,” Tagliamonte told Reuters on Thursday, adding that no study has been done on why the word is so popular.

Co-author Roberts spent a year going through transcripts from each episode of the first eight seasons of “Friends”, taking note of every single adjective for the study.

I wonder how much they got paid to study this… I made the same connection back in college, like 5-7 years ago, albeit I didn’t make any commentary, due to fear of some sort of weird retribution — small colleges make you a little more cautious about things like that.

Regardless, I think the article/study may be a bit off… it’s not “so”, although its usage alone has picked up, but it’s derived from the increasing use of “so” with a negative modifier.

I remember noticing some people, people who I’d known since I started attending school, who because saying things akin to:

“She so does not get it.”
“That professor was so not cool about it”

At the same time, Friends was at the peak of its game, and I knew that several of these people were big fans of the show. While I’d never seen the show much at the time, and still don’t really watch it, I’d seen enough to make the connection.

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Lord of the Skins: Return of the Gibbs

Gibb me some o’ dat: St. Joe is returning to the Washington Redskins.

I heard inklings of this last night, but the CBS link above has a little more meat to it.

I also have very little doubt that Mr. Crabbypants Daniel Snyder is offering Gibbs a more-than-reasonable compensation to make up for the fact that Gibbs will have to give up his minority share in the Falcons.

Some may look at this as a desparate move by a desparate owner (Snyder), but I think that while it’s fantastic news, it’s also a very shrewd strategic move. More than a couple Redskins defensive players had already announced earlier in the year that they would leave the team if the Skins got a new D coordinator.

Well, according to CBS, the Skins will get a new defensive coordinator, former Bills HC Gregg Williams… but like hell any of those guys will leave now, not when the opportunity to play under this legend is sitting there right in front of them!


LOTR parody
(Click for larger version)

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Pyongyang has called its offer “one more bold concession” aimed at resolving the standoff over its nuclear weapons programs.

I dunno, Kim Jong Il, this looks decidedly unbold to me.

Someone with more creativity or time than me should exercise his or her wit and write a good parody of that bit, substituting Kim Jong Il, Roh Moo-hyun, and the White House, et al. for the respective MST3K characters.

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Zhong guo ren hen xi huan ta men de da ka che

Never mind that the pearl-white Nissan gulps twice as much gas as the Citro�n. “This car is big, so it’s much safer” in the chaotic traffic, says the 34-year-old manager for a real estate services company. “I really enjoy driving it.”

Article saved below for future reference.

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He’s a lumberjack and he’s… okay?

Brawny axes its paper towel icon.

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Source: Mad Cow Disease Found in Washington State

Wonder if this will affect McDonalds’ stock price any… you think?

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