Gray Flannel Dwarf


Bad things happen in threes

…I said this a few weeks ago.

Simply put, I’m pretty damn convinced that someone got into my truck this weekend, while it was parked in Tyson’s Corner, and stole all my CDs. I can’t find them, and certainly don’t remember emptying the CD box. I’ll check in the morning, elsewhere in the truck, but I’m about 90% positive someone did. Even though I was pretty certain my doors were locked. In fact I even remember assuring myself… weird…

Anyway, the funny thing is that most of my cds out there are/were Dylan CDs. Now, so many of Dylan’s songs include references to “noble”, cultured criminals, or those otherwise incarcerated. “Joey”, “Hurricane” immediately come to mind, as does Dylan’s ‘Jack of Hearts’, amongst a lot of others.

So this crook who stole my CDs… he got a lot of Dylan. Maybe he’ll get some culture, heh. In this sense, I really don’t care that they got stolen.

But it makes the whole situation, Dylan’s magnificence, seem like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Really weird, eh?

cswiii @ 1:33 am