Gray Flannel Dwarf


All that stuff I said…

…forget it. Or, at least up to the part where I said “I may be wrong”.

Because I was.

Things are good…the only thing I should have trifled with was my self-confidence. :D

cswiii @ 9:33 pm

Self-fulfilling prophecies: redux

I get the distinct feeling that someone is making an effort to avoid me. This bothers me; I hope it’s not true. I have immensely enjoyed those shorts bits of chatter, and it certainly seemed to be reciprocated.

All the sudden, I am wishing I didn’t quote Rollins in the June 25th entry.

I may be wrong about the whole thing, and perhaps just over-dramatic. We’ll just have to wait-and-see. But it’s that waiting and seeing that seems to always cause such strain.

This entry seems pretty primitive. But being overly-verbose in times where emotions are high can sometimes just irritate things. You don’t eat a T-bone when you have the stomach flu; why use too many words when the underlying thoughts and feelings are already raw?

cswiii @ 6:31 pm