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Thoughts and observations – 7.30.01

At Borders. Left home with intent to study zhongwen, but couldn’t concentrate. Saw too much around me. Grabbed a napkin, scribbled a few thoughts.

*1. Seen on a t-shirt: “America: The land of corporate greed and the enslaved“. Well, I can sympathise, somewhat. But the latter part, worn by suburban teen, just doesn’t seem right… There is a lot of corporate greed in America… and to some degree, Americans are overworked (less vacation time, on average, than any other industrialised nation) — and especially the working, “lower” class(es). I don’t disagree.

But “enslaved”? Anymore, that seems a little too hyperbolic. Enslaved? Compared to whom? Low-caste Indians? East Africans? Afghanistans under Taliban supression?

Are we becoming too cliched in our disapproval?

*2. Guy, girl looking through discount books table.
Guy, obviously bored: “I’m gonna go look at Playboy.” (Walks off.)
Woman: “no, wait…” (shuffling more quickly through books)

Is this the asshole attitude that women want? Now, I have little sympathy for the typical “nice guy” (read: non-assertive guy) — and I used to be one — but is this the alternative? This is what women go for?

*3. German women talking. Politely, quietly, but very animated. It almost looks like sign language, sometimes…

*4. Will she call me back…..?

cswiii @ 8:54 pm