Gray Flannel Dwarf



This is what this region has become. Look up “Great Falls” on altavista, and find nothing but real estate listings and “community association” links… Nevermind that it’s home to some beautiful waterfalls and nice, historical trails.

Furthermore, all the more incentive to remember to use Google for my search. It found what I was looking for, with ease. None of this “paid search results” crap.

In any case, I’ll probably be hiking out here, somewhere, after work today. That’s productive-enough, I think.

cswiii @ 1:13 pm

Gotta get up and go

Gotta get up and go
Gotta get up and do

I cannot let myself sit here, chewing my cud, doing nothing, slowly getting stuck in this tarpit of self-defeatism.

Came into work way early. Maybe I’ll jet early, too, find something productive to do.

Gotta get out.

cswiii @ 11:00 am