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I went to the doctor’s

I went to the doctor’s today, to find out some stuff regarding my back ache and the fall I had, several days back. They insist on weighing you everytime.

Last time I went, a few mo. ago, I was 169. Since then, I’d been hitting the gym hardcore, until my fall. In that time, I’ve gotten a bit of pudge, since I haven’t been able to bike or anything.

On the scale today, I was 175.. ugh! She tells me, “You should be around 150,” as she read right off of her chart. That made me feel like crap, even though I know I’m far from bloating out of control… I, thus, felt a bit better when I told her, “Well, yeah, but that’s for normal build, I go to the gym.” She responded with, “Yeah. You don’t look overweight or anything.”

Phew :P

For someone who was a skinny 135 as a freshman in college, I don’t want to imagine being overweightfat.

Luckily, the doc said I could probably start doing some low impact cardio again, like stationary bike, etc. Goddamn that will feel good.

cswiii @ 2:43 pm

Could you do it, with

Could you do it, with this kinda intense pressure?
Nevermind all the eyes on you… X-D

Then again, it might be fun to perpetually have “sex” and “eating bamboo” as the only priorities on one’s To-Do list.

cswiii @ 11:00 am