Gray Flannel Dwarf


Hail to the Chief…

Prufrock says, “You guys gonna watch the ‘State of the Union?’”

You say, “i prolly should”
You say, “so I find out where we’re gonna bomb next”
Prufrock hah.
You ask, “when is it?”
Prufrock says, “Maybe Bush will be so excited about it that he won’t be able to keep National Security secrets..”
You say, “we’ll see that little stream of spittle fly outta his mouth as he talks about crushing terrorism..”

Prufrock says, “In the background, somewhere in a hidden bunker, Cheney will be sadly shaking his head..”
You say, “bunker? ssh! it’s an ‘undisclosed location’..”
Prufrock says, “I believe the state of the union will be addressed at 9pm.”
Prufrock says, “It’s probably a hall closet in the White House.”
You grin.
Prufrock says, “Oh, hey Dick…. will you hand me my coat? Keep up the good work.””

You say, “nah, it’s probably a play room with Monopoly and Risk game pieces scattered all around”

cswiii @ 8:34 pm