Gray Flannel Dwarf


The Ashanti Argument

Soul Train officials posted an unsigned reaction on the show’s Web site that expressed outrage “over the fact that a people, whose ancestry suffered 400 years of slavery, can be herded so easily into a virtually bottomless mud hole and be taught to sling such mud therein.”

God forbid you tell Hollywood that their musical flavour-of-the-month is a load of bull. We always knew they never liked that. This, however, adds a new twist. Now we know that if they can’t call you a racist, they’ll call you an Uncle Tom. Why produce quality music that can weather criticisms, when you can just play the race card? The fact that they are resorting to doing such just amplifies the notion that her music can’t stand on its own.

If this isn’t evidence of Hollywood’s bias against real talent, I don’t know what is. Yet, what’s sadder is the fact that this will fail to alienate the masses, who will just keep on listening to the same canned crap.

cswiii @ 2:14 pm