Gray Flannel Dwarf


rrrobin: i know i’ve shown

rrrobin: i know i’ve shown this to you before. i am putting it up on my office wall now:

teedz: hahaah
teedz: You know, “Quake” sounds like a good name for a team at first, but when you realize it comes from the “Quakers”, and then you realize why the Quakers got their name, it makes the Quake sound like a bunch of pansies
rrrobin: yeah. but which reliogious name could I use to sound tough?

rrrobin: religious
teedz: point taken
teedz: Anyway, Quake is probably better than other natural disasters used in the singular. Like “Tornado“, for instance.

rrrobin: King has no identity
rrrobin: tornado is good for us, cause as soon as we are established, we fade out

cswiii @ 9:45 am

I want to go prepare

I want to go prepare my grits, but they are taking up all the room in the kitchen to fix the ice machine.

Somewhere therein exists a lesson, but I’m not sure I know what it is

cswiii @ 9:26 am