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Well, things are certainly a

Well, things are certainly a little more interesting, now.

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“They are inspecting ammunition

“They are inspecting ammunition you have… for the possibility there are forbidden ammo,” said a voice Powell identified as an Iraqi official. “We sent you a message yesterday to clean out the areas, scrap areas, abandoned areas, make sure there is nothing there.”

Now maybe this snippet CNN gives us is missing some serious context, but thus far, this sounds both far less suspect and much less definitive than I had hoped for. I know they said there wouldn’t be any “smoking gun” presented, but I was certainly hoping for something that didn’t sound as ambiguous as the above quote. I’m not pro-war, but I was patiently waiting to see something that would change my mind regarding military action. Unfortunately, that quote doesn’t look so much like a “get those weapons hidden” message, as it does a “cover our asses, make absolute certain there’s nothing there” message.

Then again, maybe that in itself gives credence to the notion that they have weapons. If they’re not sure whether weapons are, aren’t, or might have been there… who knows.


There are just so many big names (Scowcroft, Zinni, Schwarzkopf, Ritter, Kissinger — who cares about Garofalo and Penn) that have expressed doubts regarding war and/or Iraqi WMD, it’s hard to look past that. Oh well. Maybe it will all fit together later on, after I can read more.

Ths is just one in a series of events today that has just kind put me into a funk.

Stupid LJ interest of the day: ignorance
No, I chose that one long before putting this entry together.

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