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da, moy drook
ya obeyzana, da?

M found out last night that he’d achieved a fairly sizable milestone: he passed two parts of the CPA. This is notable, because in order to keep from having to take the whole thing over the next time, you have to pass two parts and get at least 50% on the remaining two. He did this.

For what it’s worth, only 10% of people, maybe less, pass the entire CPA on their first try. This was his second, but it kinda gives you perspective on the test’s difficulty.

But anyway. What it comes down to is that last night contained much celebration, against my better judgement. But who was I to rain on someone’s parade? It was indeed time to celebrate. Of course, we did so the Russian way, and the usual ingredient1 in Russian celebration was involved.

I am not hungover. I am surprised.

1In the generic sense – although I did have a vodka martini or two.

cswiii @ 9:33 am