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Geesh, I now officially feel

Geesh, I now officially feel old.

I think I’m getting a cold, or the flu, or something.

cswiii @ 11:59 pm

Yet another snow job

Already grumpy.

* There was about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground in the parking lot of the condo, when I went out to my truck. I wonder what band of usual suspects will call or email in, “working from home” today.

* I understand being careful when you’re driving in the snow, but such care usually concerns turning and braking. There is no need, with the dusting of snow that we have thus far, to be driving 15-20 miles an hour down this particular road — especially when, for the most part, the path cleared on the road is pretty much devoid of snow.

* People who try to make a quick buck by buying snow plow attachments, without knowing anything about how to use them crack me up. Yeah, the fact that you have the magnetic tape sign reading “$foo‘s Snow Clearance and Removal” attached to the side of your truck already leads you to lose a bit of credibility… but when I see you shove your plow directly into an existing snow dune, several days frozen and re-frozen by now… well, I just think you get what you deserve.

cswiii @ 8:24 am