Gray Flannel Dwarf



Me big Texan.
Me big, dumb Texan.
Me big, dumb Texan with lots of friends on plane.
Me wave around, show off Penthouse to friends on plane.
Me and friends drink lots of booze before and after plane.
Me and friends monopolise restrooms.

heh. Nah, the flight wasn’t that bad. The weather here today has been amazingly nice. It was like 90 in DC today, but about 75 here. Go figure.

I got to the airport and realised I was wearing the dumbest thing in the world: A Redskins shirt. It got me two comments, alone, at the supermarket a bit ago.

The second dumb thing I did was use my DC driving manners and flip some dude the bird who wouldn’t let me over when I needed to get over 3 lanes on the highway, within about 1/2 mile. He immediately slowed way down, even more. Eventually, I made my way over.

Sure was nice of him to reciprocate the favour. :)

Wondering what tomorrow will bring…

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