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Everybody is on their knees / except the Russians and the Chinese

I am really starting to like Elvis Costello. That is all.

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Thanks to a heads-up by

Thanks to a heads-up by benewmark, I did some research and found an article from today’s post stating there’s a good chance that the metro will be expanded out to Reston, with construction presumably starting in 2005 and continuing for four years or so.

That’s great news, even though “2009″ seems so far away…

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What the…?

I swear, is it “Bring Your Nerd to Work” day at the Associated Press or something? I mean, first I saw the Futurama article… and while I don’t particularly hate the show — and I may well be wrong about the following presumption — while reading it, based on the utter enthusiasm contained therein, I couldn’t help but conjure up images in my head about some aspiring, uber-nerd guy/gal who had his/her first chance to write an AP headline spot… and did so with relish.

“For now, however, we ancients of the 21st century who love it will continue to celebrate “Futurama” as unbeatable satire — even as its prime-time cycle nears an end.”

But wait, there’s more! What else is showing up on the front page of CNN, now? An article discussing the lack of romance in the life of Lara Croft.

“Croft has demonstrated a wealth of passion in her life — fitting for someone born on Valentine’s Day — but she has directed it mainly toward things long dead or forgotten: ancient tombs, lost temples, mystical relics.”

Mourning the loss of Futurama? Speculating on the love life of Lara Croft? Again, both of these articles were linked, at one point, on the front page of! Am I in some sort of weird alternate universe, or something?

“Alternate universe?” Oh no! I’m infected too!

Update: CNN itself has been affected too — look at the caption under the image in this article!

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A quite cool tool that

A quite cool tool that can determine the readability of your webpage(s) by those with colourblindness.

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You’d think a principal software engineer would know how to subscribe himself to a LISTSERV

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Strange Dream

This one was what was going on through my head as I woke up this morning…. and believe me when I tell you that I hardly watch my cable — or network for that matter — TV!

There was an episode of the X-Files on TV. Only there was no Scully and no Mulder… and there was no paranormal activity in this episode. Instead, in this episode, titled “The One That Disappeared”, they had Jennifer Anniston and… I can’t remember, Luke Wilson or someone, and they were cooking the whole time. Yes, cooking took up the majority of the show, because for whatever reason, they were having house guests, and were preparing individual meals for each visitor — salads, main course, etc. — for the most part, no one ate the same thing.

Really, the concept seemed a lot like that “Dinner and a Movie” show. All sorts of strange and interesting things made, including tortilla soup and something they called “Outdoors Pesto”.

So, cut back to ‘real life’ in the dream, I was discussing this strange episode w/ a family member. In the course of the conversation, it was mentioned that one of the dishes didn’t turn out too well, or the visitor didn’t like it, or something… so while the dinner guest was away, one of the hosts, either Wilson or Anniston, whisked the offending dish away into the kitchen.

Hence… “The One That Disappeared”.

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Priest Holmes’ weblog.

Priest Holmes’ weblog.

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If Matt LeBlanc ever writes

If Matt LeBlanc ever writes an autobiography, perhaps he should call it Let’s Just Be ‘Friends’.

As if today’s confirmation announcement isn’t obvious enough, LeBlanc will star in a Friends spinoff.

I mean, it’s not as if he been completely typecast, already, and as if all the others from the show have gone on to star in at least moderately successful movies… nope, sure didn’t see this coming…

cswiii @ 4:12 pm

Is Masked and Anonymous a

Is Masked and Anonymous a via negativa examination of the world? The New York Times seems to imply such.

It’s gotten plenty of funky reviews, but we’ll see if it’s any good. has perhaps the most curious analysis (possible spoilers?):

Through it all, Dylan’s Jack Fate wanders like a grizzled Candide. The great joke of “Masked & Anonymous” is that for once, everything Dylan says is clear and comprehensible; it’s everyone else around him who’s mad.

If there’s one upon which all the review agree, however, it’s that the musical performances are stunning.

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Time is of the essence…

If you’re interested in joining our 2003 ESPN Fantasy Football League, time is running short! We want a minimum of 10, which will probably be reached soon, but 12 would be even cooler…

How do I know that things are getting ready? ‘Cuz the trash talkin’ has already begun…

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True or False?

Email I received a few minutes ago. The hyperlinks added are mine.

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 12:00:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Linda Hull
Subject: St. Jude (Jude Milhon) has passed away.
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.000000 required=0.900000

Last night I was looking for stuff on the web
about Jude, and I found an interview you did

with her. So I thought you might want to know.

She had been fighting cancer and was losing her
battle; Saturday night she embraced the inevitable
by taking her own life.

Do you Yahoo!?
SBC Yahoo! DSL – Now only $29.95 per month!

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Broadband salvation for me?

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It’s hard not to feel

It’s hard not to feel like or be a conspiracy theorist when you read things like these

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The rapping inside my head

The rapping inside my head just won’t stop, daddysl8tn.

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“What we have here… is

“What we have here… is a failure to communicate. Some men, you just can’t reach.”
Cool Hand Luke

Yeah. Or motivate. Or convince. Not to mention rely upon.

cswiii @ 4:55 pm

What wrong, corporate America, can’t

What wrong, corporate America, can’t you do anything right? You didn’t see Canada going and screwing up your Olympic gear, did you? :)

cswiii @ 10:49 am

Kill Bill Thrill Kill

Tarantino’s upcoming film, Kill Bill will be released as two separate films.

Boo. In the words of Vincent Vega, “What a gyp…:P

Oh well, maybe I can find some of this beer and drown my frustration and anticipation.

cswiii @ 10:21 am


Some like it hot….

Dear Corey,

My name is Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxx and I am the Photo Researcher for xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. I am in the process of collecting photographs for a textbook titled, “Organic Chemistry.” I have been having difficulty finding a good image of habanero peppers. I located one on your website, which I was hoping you might provide us with permission to use. If so, I would need to receive a hi-res scan, slide or print of the image for the book. I would also be more than happy to credit you and your company for this courtesy. I look forward to your response and thank you for your time.


Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxx

I think she’s probably referring to this image. We will see. That seems pretty cool, eh.

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Note to self…

Patience is a virtue…
Patience is a virtue…
Patience is a virtue…


cswiii @ 2:35 pm
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