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Am I the only person

Am I the only person in the world who seems to notice the similarities, in some songs, between Norah Jones and Carly Simon?

I guess so. I haven’t seen the comparison anywhere else.

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E2 Writeup: Goofus and Gallant

Long before parents could blame their kids’ bad behaviour on ADD/ADHD, and before morals were taught on TV in the form of after-school specials that revolved around students and drug addiction, the magazine Highlights For Children presented kids with a far more benign viewing option that attempted to illustrate the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Augustine would have recognised the inherent dualism immediately.

“Goofus and Gallant” is not so much a comic as it is an illustrated series of contrasting “A versus B” life decisions. Goofus, always illustrated cowlicked and with bangs and tending to have a scowl or impish look on his face, is the temperamental, misbehaved one who neglected his chores, friends, or manners; he is the antithesis to Gallant, the perfect-haired, clean-cut, well-behaved lad.

An example strip would tend to have each of the boys segregated in separate frames, but in otherwise similar scenarios or environments. Below each pane would be a sentence of text regarding how both Goofus and Gallant would behave in the situation, perhaps playing out something like this:

Frame A: “Goofus reaches across the table to grab the basket of dinner rolls.”

Frame B: “Gallant waits for Grandma to get her dinner roll, before politely asking her to pass him the basket.”

As the two always tend(ed) to look very similar in the various illustrative iterations, sometimes it has sometimes been pondered whether Goofus and Gallant are identical twin brothers, or, since they never appeared in the same frame, whether they were are perhaps different personas of the same protagonist.

Whatever the situation, Highlights is still in publication, and over the years, the behaviours and ages of neither Goofus nor Gallant have changed. This is probably a good thing, however — if they’d both grown up, Goofus would probably be smoking crack and living in an alleyway, whereas overachieving Gallant would have probably killed himself halfway through grad school, due to the intense pressure that he was under from both himself and his overbearing parents.

…and what kind of lesson would that teach your seven year-old?

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Man, the more I listen

Man, the more I listen to this song, the better I like it. What a classic.

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Any of you hungry?

Well, any of you participating friends, anyway…

A pizza for teedz, chrishaas, nonspecific, writergeekgirl:

Tomato Sauce, Feta, Parmesan, Spinach, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, and a perfectly-baked crust.

Fun with pizza toppings at The Pizza Arbiter

Oh yeah… and if some of you aren’t happy with the selection, you can probably blame nonspecific… she’s the one who likes rabbit food ;).

cswiii @ 3:42 pm

For the first time in

For the first time in years, Loudoun County has to sell itself, rather than sit back and watch high-tech businesses come to it. So the county’s economic development department has launched an advertising campaign.

In June, an ad touting the county as a great place to do business in three very different locations — suburbs, historic towns and agriculturally rich countryside — appeared in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report magazines. In July, they will run in Business Week, Fortune, Forbes and others.

Maybe Loudoun should look to placate its existing high-tech employees and businesses that are already seeing the detrimental effects, due in part to lacking broadband infrastructure, instead of trying to draw in even more businesses and employees that will only join the disgruntled masses.

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A dream from this past weekend…

…one that has mundane, but nonetheless amusing social commentary written all over it.

In the dream, there was some news show on about yet another new blonde Russian tennis player who was an up-and-comer, a rising star on the tennis scene. They attempted to pronounce the name, one that was vaguely Russian sounding, but the fact was that they could’ve care less — this was the next new blonde Russian tennis star! Who cares about her name, eh?

But wait, there’s more.

It seems that, in this dream, as if she needed any more publicity, she was becoming ever more infamous because she played tournaments… topless.

Cut to video footage of this new star in action, on the court. In all her glory.

Cameraman zooms in on her right breast. In stamped text around the nipple are a few words that reveal the name of a manufacturer… manufacturer of implants, presumably. “Belmer Plastics, Ltd.”, or something similar.

That’s some sorta crazy next-gen sponsorship, hmm?

Needless to say, I woke up from that dream, nearly cracking up.

cswiii @ 2:10 pm


From E2: <Eco> If you’ve

From E2:

<Eco> If you’ve got enough opportunity to sit on the Interweb and complain about your oppression, it’s a pretty safe bet that you are not a member of any of the planet’s most disadvantaged groups.

cswiii @ 12:53 pm
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