Gray Flannel Dwarf


“What we have here… is

“What we have here… is a failure to communicate. Some men, you just can’t reach.”
Cool Hand Luke

Yeah. Or motivate. Or convince. Not to mention rely upon.

cswiii @ 4:55 pm

What wrong, corporate America, can’t

What wrong, corporate America, can’t you do anything right? You didn’t see Canada going and screwing up your Olympic gear, did you? :)

cswiii @ 10:49 am

Kill Bill Thrill Kill

Tarantino’s upcoming film, Kill Bill will be released as two separate films.

Boo. In the words of Vincent Vega, “What a gyp…:P

Oh well, maybe I can find some of this beer and drown my frustration and anticipation.

cswiii @ 10:21 am