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If Matt LeBlanc ever writes

If Matt LeBlanc ever writes an autobiography, perhaps he should call it Let’s Just Be ‘Friends’.

As if today’s confirmation announcement isn’t obvious enough, LeBlanc will star in a Friends spinoff.

I mean, it’s not as if he been completely typecast, already, and as if all the others from the show have gone on to star in at least moderately successful movies… nope, sure didn’t see this coming…

cswiii @ 4:12 pm

Is Masked and Anonymous a

Is Masked and Anonymous a via negativa examination of the world? The New York Times seems to imply such.

It’s gotten plenty of funky reviews, but we’ll see if it’s any good. has perhaps the most curious analysis (possible spoilers?):

Through it all, Dylan’s Jack Fate wanders like a grizzled Candide. The great joke of “Masked & Anonymous” is that for once, everything Dylan says is clear and comprehensible; it’s everyone else around him who’s mad.

If there’s one upon which all the review agree, however, it’s that the musical performances are stunning.

cswiii @ 3:24 pm