Gray Flannel Dwarf


Strange Dream

This one was what was going on through my head as I woke up this morning…. and believe me when I tell you that I hardly watch my cable — or network for that matter — TV!

There was an episode of the X-Files on TV. Only there was no Scully and no Mulder… and there was no paranormal activity in this episode. Instead, in this episode, titled “The One That Disappeared”, they had Jennifer Anniston and… I can’t remember, Luke Wilson or someone, and they were cooking the whole time. Yes, cooking took up the majority of the show, because for whatever reason, they were having house guests, and were preparing individual meals for each visitor — salads, main course, etc. — for the most part, no one ate the same thing.

Really, the concept seemed a lot like that “Dinner and a Movie” show. All sorts of strange and interesting things made, including tortilla soup and something they called “Outdoors Pesto”.

So, cut back to ‘real life’ in the dream, I was discussing this strange episode w/ a family member. In the course of the conversation, it was mentioned that one of the dishes didn’t turn out too well, or the visitor didn’t like it, or something… so while the dinner guest was away, one of the hosts, either Wilson or Anniston, whisked the offending dish away into the kitchen.

Hence… “The One That Disappeared”.

cswiii @ 11:01 am