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We all know that weblogs

We all know that weblogs are fine battlegrounds for the modern-day soap opera.

In that light, it’s even more amusing to me that squabbles equally petty exist amidst the weblog infrastructure, as well.

It’s all the same thing, the same tired war of egos, only this time its main battle lays outside the contents of a weblog itself – although I’m sure there are plenty of rude words, from both sides, in weblogs all over the place, albeit masked in a vague curtain that feigns civility.

cswiii @ 10:07 am

I am beginning to think

I am beginning to think that, for me, there are only two seasons: Sundowner season and Birkenstock season.

cswiii @ 9:30 am

M and I watched the

M and I watched the 1998 movie Gia tonight. Terribly sad movie, at least that’s the way it struck me.

I met up with T this weekend. I hadn’t talked with nor seen him in about three years, and this was mostly my fault. It was good to see him. He’s the same ole T, though. Maybe a little more mellow now, but pretty much the same. It was good to catch up.

I realise I am addicted, I have an addiction to talking with Sarah. I need my fix, I am seriously jonesin’. I can’t wait until she gets back, so I can hear her voice again.


cswiii @ 12:27 am