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For all you Windows l0s3rz out there…

Here is the down and dirty regarding the WinBlast worm.

And here is the Symantec program to clean it.

And finally, here is where you get the patch… choose the appropriate OS under “Patch availability”.

Note: This affects only NT, W2K and WXP — None of the Win9x variants, including WinME, are affected.

Why people continue to stick to an OS monoculture, I don’t know.

cswiii @ 3:12 pm

Another stupid thing about IE.

Checking my httpd logs, I keep seeing all these records in error_log, akin to the following:

[Tue Aug 12 12:25:02 2003] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/httpd/html/favicon.ico

Doing a little research, it has come to my attention that IE looks for a “favicon.ico” everytime it loads a site. How ridiculous. How annoying that it fills my logs with that stuff.

cswiii @ 1:36 pm