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What, did CNNSi fire all

What, did CNNSi fire all the web designers and hire a couple of crack monkeys?

They redesign the site, and now they have stupid dropdown javascript menu boxes, the kind that are designed with bad JS, and thus dont’t work with Moz/Firebird.

THEN, when I finally get to an article, I note that they are, for some reason, using some half-assed character character coding, one of the Windows ones that ends up screwing up the apostrophes. So instead of getting “it’s” or “they’re”, I get “it[BIG ASS BOX]s” or “they[BIG ASS BOX]re”.

This, from an (AOL)TW Company. You know, those guys who own Netscape.

Not that this means anything anymore, of course… :(

Update: Now I’m starting to see the missing apostrophes elsewhere, too, like here on LJ. Strange. I haven’t screwed with my character codings…

cswiii @ 9:32 am