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Mo’dum woes

Last night’s storm knocked the electricity out of virtually all of Sterling, except my condo complex, it seems. Unfortunately, the price I paid for this is a fried modem. It accepts the AT init strings and everything, and will carry the dialtone — I can plug a phone into the out jack and get a dialtone — but the modem itself won’t detect the tone.

Thus, I am in the market for a new modem.

From Best Buy’s website:

Easy-to-connect external modem comes with everything you need to get on the Internet. Enjoy quick connections and fast Web browsing at speeds up to 56 Kbps.

There is humour somewhere, in this statement, but it eludes me. :(

The necessity to buy a new dialup modem. It’s so… demeaning.

cswiii @ 2:51 pm

Who says that writing to

Who says that writing to the newspaper doesn’t do anything?

Read these relatively recent comments with regards to this much older story on leesburg2day. The things said totally echo what was said in my original letter to the Washington Post.

cswiii @ 9:44 am