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ACCORDING TO THOSE who witnessed

ACCORDING TO THOSE who witnessed the bizarre incident, Coulter was in the middle of an extended rant about liberal comedian Al Franken when her face became beet-red and smoke began to shoot out of both of her ears.


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The sXe strikes back.

Years ago — in 1996, it seems — I wrote an editorial for our online magazine entitled “The Straightedge Myth?“. It wasn’t an attack on sXe; rather it was a critique of what I saw as some minor hypocritical nuances and inflexibilities.

And then, as jess and catfish can attest, the embittered responses came flooding in…
And continued…
And continued…

…if I recall correctly, I think I got some sort of response about a year and a half ago.

Whatever the case, this whole episode, cobwebbed as it may be, has continued to be the occasional bit of humour in my day, as it continually resurfaces.

But never, ever did I think I would ever see it, much less my name, come back to be quoted in someone’s livejournal bio page.

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