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Don’t have anything to do this halloween? Well, you could always join me, the skeleteedz, this evening… check out all the hot ghouls while drinkin’ a little beast and roll some skulls down at the boooowling alley.

I’ll be howling and going batty, though, if you join us, and keep nailing the pinheads just right. To me, that’d just be a nightmare!

cswiii @ 2:46 pm


Letter to the Post… again

This is a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post‘s “Loudoun Extra section. I don’t think it will be published, but it’s pretty serious nonetheless, especially now considering this damning article (Thanks, cotterpinx).

What are Delgaudio’s ‘Sterling Values’?

As the upcoming elections approach, my mailbox has been cluttered with
numerous campaign fliers and colour glossy ads for countless numbers of
politicians. They have touched upon any number of issues pertinent to
this county: sprawl, education, community safety. Based on the sheer
number of these I receive each day, it is easy to become overwhelmed and
forget just which candidate stands for what issues. There is one
candidate who stands out in my mind, however – and for all the wrong

Of all the campaign material I have received, Mr. Eugene A. Delgaudio’s
fliers come to mind. If you read them, you will find out that Mr.
Delgaudio stands up for “Sterling Values”. A look into his activities
outside Loudoun’s zoning board will tell you otherwise, however.

Back in April 8, 2002 the Washington Post published an article
entitled, “Anti-Tax In Loudoun, Anti-Gay Everywhere“. In this article,
The Post outlines a number of campaigns with which Delgaudio is
involved outside our immediate area. Times have changed, but it is highly
unlikely that Mr. Delgaudio’s worldview ever has; thus, I find the

Post‘s article as relevant now as it was then.

What do these aforementioned campaigns have in common? They all support a
vehemently anti-gay agenda, and are extremely vitrolic in nature. One
lesser example is his mock “Perverts for Cellucci” protest rally during
former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci’s ambassadorial nomination. A
more vilifying one, perhaps is from one of his newsletters, where he
chastised the idea of gay leaders in the Boy Scouts, saying “forcing the
Boy Scouts to hire homosexuals is the same as being an accessory to the
rape of hundreds of boys”.

I’m neither gay nor particularly partisan but I am nonetheless horrified
to think that Delgaudio can be considered a beacon of “Loudoun Values”
with stances like these. Delgaudio’s viewpoints are a throwback to times
of old, intolerant bigotry. To say that one can represent the values of
this progressive region while supporting such intolerance is hypocritical
and an outright lie, Mr. Delgaudio, and we’ve had presidents impeached
for far lesser ethicial breaches.

I implore to the voters of Sterling to take this into consideration
when voting in the November 4th election. It’s been said in the past that

“hate is not a family value”. I highly doubt it is a value of Loudoun
County, either.


Corey Welton

cswiii @ 11:58 am


…I want candy… who else does? “meme! meme!”

Man y’alls a buncha punks! D:

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

cswiii @ 4:30 pm

Recruiters are talking heads

Every once in a while, I will get an email from a company looking to employ my services. Probably 1/4 of those, for some weird reason, are too stupid to see which company it is for whom I work. I say “too stupid”, because it is these people who are telling me they have a contract position open… AT MY COMPANY.

Anyway, this happens once in a while, but it hadn’t happened recently; something triggered thoughts of that in my head today, though, I’m not sure what — but I decided that next time I get an email like that, I would have some fun.

Strangely enough, I got a phonecall about it today. What a bunch of morons.

It’s too bad I was in the office, I woulda royally chewed the guy’s ear off.

cswiii @ 4:22 pm

I am seriously about to

I am seriously about to go crazy, here.

Friday came and went, as did the weekend, as did Monday… and no one followed up re: the offer on the condo, so I can only guess that they changed their mind.

There were at least seven more visits between Friday and Monday, one of which unfortunately stopped by w/o calling first, while I was still there, albeit getting ready to leave. While that’s not necessarily a show-stopper, it’s much better that you ain’t there when they are. Regardless — no news. And that ain’t good news.

What is wrong with my place? Is it that bad?? I think it looks great, sans a few marks on the wall that I keep coming across. I can clean those up, though, and I’m sure it still won’t make a difference.

After the open house, my realtor commented to me that the one thing she heard a few times was, “so, a single guy lives here, eh”. I guess they could tell by the fledgling number of shirts and shoes I have left in plain site. I wonder if this is a reason there have been so few bites. What a stupid bias, if such is the case. I mean, I own the place, it’s not like I am gonna go putting my foot through the walls, etc.

I’m not a nervous wreck yet, but I’m teetering.

Sometimes my burden seems more than I can bear
It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there

– Bob Dylan

cswiii @ 12:15 pm


So tedious is this day

So tedious is this day
As is the night before some festival
To an impatient child that hath new robes
And may not wear them.

— William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Such an appropriate verse for today, especially when the ‘new robes’ of which Shakespeare speaks seem even more fitting for my situation than that which is in his verse. :)

I talked w/ my agent last night who told me that she expected an offer on the place today — based on what she told me, it was the prospective buyer(s) who had just visited a few hours before I got home.

It’s now nearly 4:15 PM, just before the weekend, during which I will be out of town, and she hasn’t gotten it yet — or at least, hasn’t called me. She talked w/ their agent today who said that, apparently, mommy and daddy are helping to buy the house, or something, so there was more financial investigation that had to go on…?

Ho-hum… we shall see, we shall see…

cswiii @ 4:05 pm

Unveiling the Kim Possible Conspiracy.

So I’ve already talked about how much the Kim Possible cartoon artworks looks like that in Penny Arcade. Coincidence? Maybe. However, there are other signs that this show is really lacking originality.

For example – compare one of the archvillains from the show, Gill…

…to Mer-Man from Masters of the Universe

Ok, ok, so the TV version of Mer-Man might not look so so similar. But check out the action-figure.

Gill, to me, really looks like an amalgam of the two Mer-Man incarnations. and it leads me to wonder… do the creators of Kim Possible have a single creative bone in their collective bodies?

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against the show. I’ve really hardly even seen it. It’s just that I can’t help but suspect it’s another recycled, reconstituted media soup.

cswiii @ 11:28 am

Mad Max: Beyond the Tabernacle

Note to Mel Gibson: God knows what you’re doing, and he’s pissed.

How do you say ‘burnt to a crisp’ in Hebrew?

cswiii @ 1:05 am


Watching TV last night, I

Watching TV last night, I saw a commercial for the new “Tony Hawk’s Underground” video game, or whatever it’s called. Didn’t pay much attention until I heard that ever so familiar…


Yeah. The commercial was using a Sifl and Olly song, or more accurately, Liam Lynch’s silly Ramones-esque “United States of Whatever”.

If you’ve never heard “Whatever”, Listen to an audio sample for yourself.

cswiii @ 9:21 am

Townhouse photos…

Too bad most of them are dark. The batteries were dying in my cam, didn’t have enough juice to get a flash.

cswiii @ 12:19 am


This story gives a whole

This story gives a whole new meaning to “you made your bed, now you’ll have to sleep in it”.

A few other euphemisms come to mind as well, but I’ll refrain.

cswiii @ 9:31 am


By the way, everyone wish

By the way, everyone wish kewlnonutz a happy birthday! Yay for lower insurance rates!

cswiii @ 12:28 pm

If you believe our president,

If you believe our president, you’d believe that Cuba is a major player in the illicit sex trade biz.

cswiii @ 11:34 am


As I chow down on Pizza Pretz…

…I learn about Pocky G


cswiii @ 11:01 pm


Soon-to-be my new townhouse

Now I just gotta get my place sold, but I don’t think that will be too much of a problem…

…anyone know somebody looking to buy a condo in Sterling? ;)

cswiii @ 2:22 pm


Said John Donovan, on Oct. 14:

The worst case for this World Series, with apologies to New Yorkers and some Floridians, is a Yankees-Marlins matchup. Even with the 60,000-plus fans the Marlins drew for each of their three games in South Florida, Marlins-Yanks would be a killer.

Cubs fans would disappear. All of New England would go into a drunken funk. Everybody else not wearing pinstripes or that Marlins teal — and, boy, where were all those fans during the regular season? — would lose interest.

No kidding, eh. Really, this was not what ailing MLB needed. But I’m a Tigers fan, what can I say?

cswiii @ 12:28 am


Talkin’ Townhome Huntin’ Blues

The world is about three months too fast for me right now. I have now looked at three new-construction developments, all of which seem to have recently sold their last places at the sub-$300 level. Two places I have looked at, or have scheduled to look at, had contracts already by the time I got to them.

I am going to put an offer on a place tonight, if it hasn’t been done already, but the place itself already has one offer. They will make a decision tomorrow.

I have a chance, but I don’t feel good about it. My next choice is a TH built in 1995, really pretty nice, but I mean, that’s the same age as my condo… it would be a “step back” in one sense, then.

Meanwhile, I paid almost $200 to get my house cleaned by a maid service, today — this, after spending nearly two weeks by myself and a weekend w/ the gf, vaccuuming, cleaning, picking up, boxing up, etc. I then, got a call from my real estate agent yesterday who walloped me with bad news… one bit was about one of the aformentioned contracted houses, and the other was to tell me that their assistant, after stopping by to get some pre-sell work done, said my place needed more cleaning.


Remember when you were back in school, all those times you studied for a test, thought you were gonna do great, confidently took the test, thought you aced it… and you only ended up getting a C+? That’s how I have been feeling.

Hearing that was kinda like a punch in the gut.

I was just commenting the other night that, for the first time in my life, I really felt like I was “gaining” energy by doing things, rather than “losing” energy — you know, like one of those type-A personality folks. It was invigorating, great. I would complain a bit about cleaning, but then I really felt accomplished. After that, though, everything kinda fell back into place.

Maybe I was just catching a buzz off the Basin Tub and Tile Cleaner.

I am tired. I worked my butt off cleaning, all for naught, it seems. I have to (usually) be content looking at old listings because their system isn’t sending me that many new ones. I go to sleep and end up thinking about moving.

It’s so ridiculous. It shouldn’t be such a big deal. The process of signing and selling, that part doesn’t seem to be trippin’ me out much at all. It’s everything else, in preparation.

cswiii @ 5:34 pm


Also, I have never even

Also, I have never even paid much attention to either of these comics, but am I the only one who seems to think that Disney’s “Kim Possible” looks like a straight-up rip-off of Penny Arcade?

Maybe I’ve seen neither of them enough to make this judgement. Maybe they’re even done by the same artist(s). Hell if I know… or care.

cswiii @ 4:52 pm

Why is it so frickin’

Why is it so frickin’ trendy to suddenly hate/dislike white t-shirts? I have heard more references to the seemingly hated things in recent weeks and months.

cswiii @ 4:30 pm



They’re starting at $219k, I will probably sell my place for close to that. I wonder how much the larger models cost.

Do I really want to deal with backasswards Loudoun anymore though? :/

cswiii @ 10:22 pm
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