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Talkin’ Townhome Huntin’ Blues

The world is about three months too fast for me right now. I have now looked at three new-construction developments, all of which seem to have recently sold their last places at the sub-$300 level. Two places I have looked at, or have scheduled to look at, had contracts already by the time I got to them.

I am going to put an offer on a place tonight, if it hasn’t been done already, but the place itself already has one offer. They will make a decision tomorrow.

I have a chance, but I don’t feel good about it. My next choice is a TH built in 1995, really pretty nice, but I mean, that’s the same age as my condo… it would be a “step back” in one sense, then.

Meanwhile, I paid almost $200 to get my house cleaned by a maid service, today — this, after spending nearly two weeks by myself and a weekend w/ the gf, vaccuuming, cleaning, picking up, boxing up, etc. I then, got a call from my real estate agent yesterday who walloped me with bad news… one bit was about one of the aformentioned contracted houses, and the other was to tell me that their assistant, after stopping by to get some pre-sell work done, said my place needed more cleaning.


Remember when you were back in school, all those times you studied for a test, thought you were gonna do great, confidently took the test, thought you aced it… and you only ended up getting a C+? That’s how I have been feeling.

Hearing that was kinda like a punch in the gut.

I was just commenting the other night that, for the first time in my life, I really felt like I was “gaining” energy by doing things, rather than “losing” energy — you know, like one of those type-A personality folks. It was invigorating, great. I would complain a bit about cleaning, but then I really felt accomplished. After that, though, everything kinda fell back into place.

Maybe I was just catching a buzz off the Basin Tub and Tile Cleaner.

I am tired. I worked my butt off cleaning, all for naught, it seems. I have to (usually) be content looking at old listings because their system isn’t sending me that many new ones. I go to sleep and end up thinking about moving.

It’s so ridiculous. It shouldn’t be such a big deal. The process of signing and selling, that part doesn’t seem to be trippin’ me out much at all. It’s everything else, in preparation.

cswiii @ 5:34 pm