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Soon-to-be my new townhouse

Now I just gotta get my place sold, but I don’t think that will be too much of a problem…

…anyone know somebody looking to buy a condo in Sterling? ;)

cswiii @ 2:22 pm


Said John Donovan, on Oct. 14:

The worst case for this World Series, with apologies to New Yorkers and some Floridians, is a Yankees-Marlins matchup. Even with the 60,000-plus fans the Marlins drew for each of their three games in South Florida, Marlins-Yanks would be a killer.

Cubs fans would disappear. All of New England would go into a drunken funk. Everybody else not wearing pinstripes or that Marlins teal — and, boy, where were all those fans during the regular season? — would lose interest.

No kidding, eh. Really, this was not what ailing MLB needed. But I’m a Tigers fan, what can I say?

cswiii @ 12:28 am