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I just saw a story

I just saw a story on the AOL Welcome screen, “Al-Qaida’s Set to Strike”, about how the US is giving more warning about AQ wanting to strike abroad. That’s old hat, though, I’m used to that. What bothered me was the photo.

It was a crowd of middle easterns, of unknown nationality, chanting and marching, guns and masks, etc. There were two large signs being held up by people.

One was a picture of bin Laden, the other, Saddam Hussein.

See what we’ve done? I know and (most of) you know that Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, even though that polls say that 60% of Americans think he did. The White House will (now) grudgingly say that he didn’t, even though that Cheney’s earlier words are probably what led people astray. In any case, I know, you know, and before this latest jaunt through the desert, they knew over there, in the middle east.

But now? If anything, it seems people have been galvanized in their anti-Americanism, and that the bin Laden and Hussein mythologies are already getting intermingled.

The US has done a good job at convincing people that Hussein was involved in 9/11 — and now, even people over there believe it…but for all the wrong reasons.

Almost makes one wonder if it was orchestrated, eh.

cswiii @ 9:10 am