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He’s a lumberjack and he’s… okay?

Brawny axes its paper towel icon.

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So, it’s official…

She said “yes“.

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Source: Mad Cow Disease Found in Washington State

Wonder if this will affect McDonalds’ stock price any… you think?

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Duh, duh, and double-duh

Like a doctor with zero bedside manner, Ryan pretty quickly gets to the point: Since Neistat’s iPod is past the year-long warranty, the cost of parts, labor and shipping will nearly equal the cost of a new machine, and so, Ryan suggests yet again, Neistat should probably just relax and buy a new iPod, which currently costs from $299 to $499, depending on the memory size.

When are people going to learn? When you join the Apple cult, sooner or later, you’re gonna end up drinking the kool-aid. This is what Apple is all about, nailing you on proprietary hardware! Very similar things happened to me with my clamshell iBook — about three months after the one-year warranty on it expired, what do you know, my CD-ROM died. Thus, I went to the local authorised Apple repair/sales shop. This was not an Apple store, mind you, but a shop authorised by Apple nonetheless and indeed, they had corporate and government contracts from around the US to do repair work.

So maybe you can imagine my surprise when they told me they couldn’t fix my iBook, that “Apple won’t let us even touch those things”.

Well no wonder… I called up customer service, and Apple wanted $350 to replace and fix it.

Update: I hadn’t even finished reading the article yet, when I wrote this. Funny that it uses the term “Kool-Aid” too, albeit in a slightly different context.

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Rolling Stone‘s recent issue contained a list of their “Top 500 albums of all time”. Now, while such a list is going to be controversial, and while doing such a thing is only going to lead to hordes of OMGWTFKTHX letters in the coming months, I gotta hand it to RS – they did a great job on the promo material. I can only guess how much advertisers spent to get in this issue.

The coolest part, however, is the RS500 Super Audio CD Sampler. The disc is dual layer SACD, meaning that those of us with SACD systems can hear the Dolby 5.1, while standard CD players can still read the redbook layer. While I guess you could call it propaganda, of sorts, seeing as the SACD proponents are at odds with those who are backing DVD-A as the next-generation of music mediums, in my mind, the consumer wins out here, because it is one fantastic selection of music on this disc.

On the disc:
Bob Dylan – “Simple Twist of Fate”
Pink Floyd – “Money”
The Who – “Pinball Wizard”
Herbie Hancock – “Watermelon Man”
Norah Jones – “Come Away With Me”
Elton John – “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”
Billy Joel – “Movin’ Out”
Miles Davis – “Blue in Green”
Aerosmith – “Sweet Emotion”

While there are a few on this disc that, given the chance, I’d replace with something else, none of them are terrible; considering that SACD is relatively new and has something like fewer than 1000 titles remastered to its name, This isn’t a bad collection at all.

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Christmas Shopping

Note to Family members who might see this:

I am not going to lock down this entry all fancy, or make special LJ groups to exclude family. Read it only if you want to spoil your own holiday. So there :P.

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catfish sent me this article. I like my headline better.

Baffled Brits bemused by busty breakfast babe’s bye-bye

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the wonders of syndication

To all you readers of Jess‘ weblog, I have created a Livejournal Syndication Feed for it.

Add user to your friends list. Note that he won’t get any comments you leave in those, but it’s a start…

Update: I was going to create a syn feed for Chris‘ cool Covers Project website, but it seems there is one already!

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Papa’s got a brand new bag

James Brown has been named, by Colin Powell, The Foreign Minister of Funk. Hopefully, his first task will be to crack down on music terrorists.

And no, I don’t mean downloaders. I mean Lou Pearlman and his legion of teen pop stars.

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The irony is overwhelming.

The irony is overwhelming.

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Well, Priest Holmes had a training camp diary, which was pretty much a weblog; I guess it’s ok that Wes Clark has one, too.

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You know, sometimes you hear

You know, sometimes you hear songs and they get stuck in your head, and sometimes you hear something that reminds you of a song, thus getting the song stuck in your head.

But sometimes, for no reason, a random song gets wedged in there.

This time, it’s “Kentucky Woman”

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