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Redskins and Character

Regardless of talent, Gibbs is strongly opposed to signing players who have unseemly track records. Last year, the Redskins signed a few players with controversial backgrounds, including defensive tackle Darrell Russell, who had been suspended by the NFL for 1 1/2 seasons.

Even as a kid, I noticed this about the Redskins. I’d see things on TV, and the Redskin players… I dunno, they just always seemed more clean-cut, both on and off the field. When they were interviewed by reporters, they were gracious and they didn’t mumble. They gave articulate insight, rather than just mutter a few marble-mouthed words and ramble off. Darrell Green was, of course, one of these guys… I seem to remember Art Monk in the same light. The one exception I could ever recall was the troubled Dexter Manley.

Ok, so maybe Riggins was a little bit of a rabblerouser, too.

Whatever the case, this is something that, for the past few years, I’ve felt was noticeably missing from the Redskins organisation. I guess, however, I’d always thought that, while the head coach might have been tangentially involved in these character decisions, that players of this caliber had always been a trademark of the Charlie Casserly & crew front office.

Good to see Gibbs is bringing that trademark of excellence back.

And yes… I honestly did have thoughts like those listed above, when I was around ten years old. Reading this article made all those thoughts come back.

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