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political shiftings

(A comment I posted on Fark, earlier. )

Anyone who knows a bird turd about American politics knows about the shift from the old Democratic party to the Republicans. It’s not a load of BS, it’s pretty common knowledge to those who have studied political science.

As it stands…
* The traditional “Republican” party is, in name only, the same party as the Civil War era Republicans.
* Fast-forward to around 1980, when a weakened Republican party which was losing constituency took under its wing Falwell’s Moral Majority; in doing so, however, it took a big step away from the modern Republican values.
* Today’s neo-cons are yet another step beyond that, having adopted a hawkish foreign policy, something not historically espoused by the traditional Republican party, either.

I’d wager that anyone who can’t make that connection is more afraid of party name “dilution” than they are politics themselves, and such is a classic neoconservative notion: using a party to support one’s own sociopolitical agenda, rather than support its traditional values.

If the modern Republican party were the same party that it has been traditionally, and and held the same values that it espouses, I’d have no problems voting GOP — hell, I seem to remember supporting GHWB, argued politics with my notoriously liberal AP history teacher in HS, and would’ve voted McCain had he gotten the nomination. I support a political party which watches what it spends, and stays out of my house, out of my bedroom.

Instead of being fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and in support of small government, however, the GOP has become just the opposite. Add into that mix the penchant for carrying a cancerous view on foreign policy, and the whole thing really begins to reek.

As I began to shift away from the GOP about 8 years ago or so, I usually did so citing “Guns, tobacco, and the Christian Right”, probably a lot of that as the expected backlash of a DC kid who ended up at school in Tennessee. These days, however, those are the least of my fears, concerning the modern day GOP.

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