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To preface:
Should you not know about them, I’ll let you all in on the big secret: Target has some of the best potato chips out there. Thick, crunchy, and in a variety of great flavours (Thai, Tomato Basil, and apparently Buffalo Wing, to name a few), they are some of my new faves.

So, as I see these new flavours come out, I will, on occasion, pick up a bag or two, as it seems my office group has turned into something resembling “potato chip connoisseurs”. Usually they sit on my coworker’s desk.

A bit ago, we, tore into the Tomato Basil bag; a few minutes ago he came over to my desk. I’d left the receipt in the Target bag. At that point, the following exchange occurred.

“You left your receipt in the bag.”
“Oh, ok, thanks.”
(he walks off) “Boxer shorts, eh?”
“Hah, yeah… you don’t even want to know what the tension rod and plastic tape were for.”

cswiii @ 11:11 am