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Thin Man Platter

Now, I guess maybe I am a bit biased, because I think the Atkins diet is a farce — it’s for people with no willpower, who can’t discipline themselves for other diets, and because of that, these people think the Atkins diet is the answer to all their problems, and that it can be healthy and maintained indefinitely. Honestly, though any voluntary diet that requires you to take nutritional supplements is not healthy!

A lot of the same Atkinkopfs think that avoiding carbs means you can eat as much as you want, and this is the most proposterous thing I’ve ever heard. Calories = Calories, mmkay?

In the ad above, you’ll see an image from a local restaurant chain, Red Hot and Blue. I have been hearing their faux-Russian dude ad on the radio now for a few weeks. Now, I like RH&B — their BBQ is pretty good. I just can’t believe they have the audacity to market the middle dish listed on that graphic, though, as “The Thin Man Platter”

Thin Man Platter?? Come on now, pictured on that plate is is sausage, roast beef, pork ribs, turkey, and pulled pork BBQ. Thin Man?? I’m telling you, you could eat that straight from the source, without a grain of sugar on it, and you’d still pack on the pounds, no doubt. That much meat?


cswiii @ 11:23 am