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I hate to run the risk of sounding particularly redundant, busting the chops of pseudojournalists, but who the heck is this seemingly new columnist for, Josh Elliot?

You may recall Cunningham as the grizzled, heart-o’-gold throwback whose square yellow glasses framed perpetually tear-filled eyes. Cunningham’s tears came furiously on Feb. 8th, ’00, when the Chiefs’ All-Pro sackmaster, Derrick Thomas, was killed following a car accident. Thomas’s death hit Cunningham hard; he told The Blog during the ’00 season he often found himself reflexively looking for Thomas on team planes.

Yes, he seems to affectionately call his column “The Blog”… he uses a variant on the phrase at least three times in this, what appears anyway to be his first column for SI.

I can’t figure out whether the Gen-Xish rambling in here is either really contrived, or the guy actually talks like this. “losing that new-blog smell?“… “prepare yourself for an epic cry-off between Vermeil and Cunningham“… “And now, I beat a hasty retreat to the prison of my own mind. …” Come on now?

Seriously, SI, give me a shot at writing some of these columns!

cswiii @ 6:22 pm