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More CNN Weirdness

The above image, taken from a (fairly interesting) article about Barack Obama.

First off, I am not sure why they are using a picture of Gephardt when both articles reference Kennedy in the slug. Secondly — is it just me, or is that vaguely frightening? I dunno whether it’s the colour, or what, but it comes across as “way too much Gephardt”.

It’s kinda like if he was your irate grandpa, and you came home drunk one night, seeing double.

cswiii @ 9:26 pm

The Ketchup Splinter Faction

Alternate headline:
“Cantankerous conservative ketchup competitor cops confounding complaint” News: “First Rounds Fired in Conservative ‘Ketchup War’”

“We can no longer allow W Ketchup to masquerade as a conservative condiment and continue to market itself to our fellow Republicans without answering several troubling questions that have come to light since its emergence in mid-June,” remarked Bush Country Ketchup co-founder and volunteer press secretary for a Congressional candidate Patrick Spero, whose slogan is “Making sure Kerry won’t ketchup to W.”

As amusing as this little bit of infighting might be, I can’t shake the notion that if this isn’t a grand example of blind neoconservative, partisan clinging, I don’t know what is.
Seriously, who cares, you know?

cswiii @ 5:29 pm

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

CNN/AP: “Bush shrugs off a crash”

Bush offered a glimpse of his new pastime to an Associated Press reporter Monday, roaming the dirt roads and far-flung pastures of his 1,600-acre ranch. About halfway through, he sailed over the handlebars during a dangerous descent, but dusted himself off, picked up his $3,100 bicycle and kept riding.

For three grand, you’d think that bike would have gyro-stabilisers or something.

Maybe for an extra $15 or so, though, perhaps this minor addition would help

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