Gray Flannel Dwarf


Wise Old Sage

I just installed Sage on my Firefox install, making it my first attempt at ever using any sort of RSS Aggregator. Well, I guess I kinda use(d) Livejournal in an ad hoc way of doing so, but seeing as I probably won’t renew my premium account this time around, I needed to find a new way to pull in those remote weblogs. Also, it will make it easier to track some of those I have listed in the sidebar, since I don’t use a blogroller or anything, and thus don’t know when they get updated.

Sage is nice, although I have to get used to the sidebar, which is always the first thing I tend to disable in any browser.

We’ll see how things go with it, but for now, anyway, it seems to be pretty cool. There is, apparently, an RSS agg for Thunderbird too, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

cswiii @ 12:31 pm