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“Welcome to Foot, Balls!”

(ok, you can bust on me for quoting Unneccessary Roughness)

Kellen Winslow II, welcome to the NFL.

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cswiii @ 11:58 am

Iron Blog

I think that this nonpartisan debate weblog would be a most enjoyable read, if it weren’t for the colour scheme and the difficulty in tracking the results of any given debate. Then again, I have only looked at the site for like five minutes, and haven’t read the PDFs yet.

cswiii @ 12:58 am

Consuela Venezuela

Ok Venezuela, I know you’re in the middle of a heated recall polling, but the least you could do is let the weathermen go about their business…

if not for the government of Venezuela this probably would have been the last advisory on least for now. The reconnaissance aircraft scheduled to investigate Earl this evening was denied access to venezuelan airspace. Had they been able to get to the storm...I doubt they would have found a closed the Quikscat ambiguities at 22z look more like an open wave. However...there is enough doubt to keep advisories going until the next aircraft arrives tomorrow morning...and indications are that that mission will be allowed to proceed.

Just for good measure, though, and because I know all of you would be taken aback if I didn’t make any given posting blatantly political, here’s a juicy bit of conjecture concerning foul play in Venezuela’s vote…

cswiii @ 12:27 am