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Don’t forget…

So Gary, a US citizen living in Poland, over at matching tracksuits notes that he, like most people living outside the US, cannot access Chimpy McFlightsuit’s website. He muses,

There is just no logical reason for this blockage. If Bush’s team can’t “defend” his web site, what makes people think Bush and his gang can defend the country? Setting up a firewall is a lot easier than keeping out terrorists, I would imagine.

It was Darshu on #dailykos, however, who got the best quip of the day:
“are you saying that forgot poland?”

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CNN: Fair and Balanced


You see, if CNN had any political bias, that would read, “Hit the Road, Jack” ;)

It is, indeed, far too early to be smug, but if this series of headlines I pulled from is any indication, they’re running scared…

“Why I Will VOTE to Re-elect George W. Bush!”
“Laziness is Not Disenfranchisement”
“Could Kerry be the ‘Hitler of the Unborn’?”
“Calling all FReepers in and around the Ford Library in Michigan – RESEARCH KERRY’S DISCHARGE!!!”

And finally… more from CNN: Federal judge in Ohio bars voter challengers. In this case, perhaps the neocons are indeed “praying for rain” to suppress turnout. Anyway, I guess the court saw through the guise used by the GOP there, which challenged many address based largely on certified mail reciepts… and mail that “could not be delivered” — since people refused the delivery.

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