Gray Flannel Dwarf


In 2004… it was a very bad year.

Can someone just pinch me, wake me up, and let me know it’s 2003, all over again?

There are nearly two months still left in this year, but it’s been pretty shitty. Nevermind the fact that the crook got elected this time around, by the mandate of the people, no less. I’ve known too many people, friends or family, who’ve passed away this year. My employer has announced an impending round of deep job cuts that will keep us all in suspense, and surely productive, through sometime just before the holiday season.

If it weren’t for the fact that I got married, I’d say this year was a total throwaway.

I think it’s time for me to do what everyone else does: sit around, get fat, run up credit card debt, listen to boy bands and watch the steaming piles known as “Sitcoms” on TV. Maybe if I try hard enough, I can be as complacent as the rest of this country, just smiling and nodding along…

cswiii @ 5:19 pm

well, shit.

We’re fucked. That’s all I can say.

Looks like I got a lot of predictions wrong this year. I’ll admit it.

But here’s an early one that will hold true: 2008 is going to look like 1958 by the time we get there.

What a stupid fucking electorate.

cswiii @ 1:28 am