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It’s been over 48 hours, and my docs still aren’t ready, so I call Koger to get the contact information for their cronie at CondoCerts. While I’m on the phone, I ask the woman at the front desk (“How may I direct your call?”) about how long I should expect these requests to take.

“I don’t want to quote you a firm time, but usually around 10-14 days”.

Thus, my suspicions confirmed. No, they are not processed automatically, or nearly automatically. No, I just paid $30 to send an email request to Koger Management for condo docs, since they won’t take those requests over the phone anymore.


Update 2:
At 1:30 PM ET, no one answers at CondoCerts. I have to leave a message. There is no way to dial an extension.

Update 3:
At 1:55 PM ET, I figured out that if I dial the contact’s extension, even though the system doesn’t tell me I can do it, I can get to her anyway. Regardless, she doesn’t answer.

Update 4:
2:40: Got a call back from CondoCerts. Koger Management takes 7-10 days to process the documents. Lamers.

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