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All Ma Bells are the Same

I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen, that I would be happy with Bell South after having to deal with Verizon for so long, but they’ve already gotten off on the wrong foot with me.

Yesterday, I filled out my order online to get phone and DSL (!!) service. I entered the address of the property, fully spelling out the suffix (“Court”, “Avenue”, “Street”, etc.). The system then returned to me a list of similar addresses, asking me to choose the closest one. I thought that was a bit strange, but the first one was the correct address — it just had “Court” abbreviated as CT — so I selected it and went on with the process. I got my confirmation number in the email later that day.

This morning, I wake up to an email that says:

Thank you for your recent request to establish new telephone service.
Unfortunately, we cannot process your order and your request has been
cancelled for the reason(s) listed below.

Reason we are unable to complete your request:
Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate the
address listed below in order to fulfill your request
for telephone service.

That’s right. I select the address that THEY had listed on THEIR website. They even confirm the address further down in the email. So I called up BellSouth — who is obviously outsourcing their customer service, based on the two people to whom I spoke today — and sure enough, the woman there was able to confirm the address, and wasn’t sure why it was cancelled.

I was given the option to re-submit the order with her… but I would lose the “order online and save!” incentives.

We will see, tomorrow morning, what happens with my order…

cswiii @ 12:03 pm