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Another night at the palace ’cause there is nothing else to do.
The same people, the same drinks and the same music, the same quicksand.
I think this harbour town is waist deep and sinking fast.

–Barenaked Ladies, “Hello City”

Nearly 28 years in the greater DC area end tomorrow morning.

I have packed two big boxes of just miscellaneous stuff that’s left around the house, and I’m basically done…. but it’s still hard to make the decision to finally tape the last one up; I always feel like there’s something else that I’m missing, something else that will fit in.

It’s kinda a metaphor for the whole scenario, really.

Regardless — decision has been made, it’s the right one, and nervousness aside, I’m looking forward to a new life in NC.

cswiii @ 11:10 pm

Big dizzle for da main nizzle.

She could be earnin’ her man and learnin’ her man… and at the same time turn in her man: Snoop Dogg sued for assault.

Personally, I think he was just set off after not being able to figure out when to add the fabric softener.

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