Gray Flannel Dwarf


Day 1 of $int

* Made it into work after a couple of incorrect exits — and one correct one that I thought was wrong, so I got off it — with not too big a hassle. Some traffic through Cary, for a short time, but overall, the drive is readily doable. Of course, I am used to DC traffic. Maybe in five years I will hate half-hour commutes.

* Not a lot of people in this office. At all. I am used to there being hundreds of people on the same floor. Counting the number of people in this office might be a good exercise for kids learning their digits. Made for a pretty uneventful lunch. I think I’ll spend future lunches tooling around downtown Raleigh to get a feel for the place.

* The first day on the job is never an exciting one, mostly bureaucratic stuff. Trying to get the training materials installed, and can’t seem to find them.

* I am nervous about ramping up.

* On the job one day and it’s already too beautiful outside for me to want to be in the office. 63 degrees in early February? You gotta be kidding me!

cswiii @ 2:17 pm