Gray Flannel Dwarf



From the in-laws:

Happy birthday!
Person health!
You are young.
You and xiaoqing good all.

From the old (recent) roommate:

Happy Birthday to you! Unfortunately I couldn’t be there this time to celebrate your birthday, but I will drink for you:D

From Apropos-Man:

Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail and wish you a happy birthday. Take care, man!

From an ex-coworker:

Happy Birthday and Valentines day. I hope you have a nice day and all you wishes come true.
Say my regards to Sara too. Hope you guys enjoy your first Valentines day as a husband and wife.

From another ex-coworker:

We went out to lunch today and ate Mexican food in your honor.

Much thanks, all of you. As for me, it was a low-key evening consisting of zha jiang main, watching Ray (a wonderful birthday gift from the wife) and cheap champagne… and some tasty strawberries.

cswiii @ 11:49 pm

Google Adsense

Decided to try out Google Adsense, at least for a short time. Dunno how long I’ll keep it around. I did some minor modifications, but I don’t think I’ll run afoul of their terms of service because:
1) I distinctly didn’t modify their code, per the TOS. Their code is all there, same as always. I just contained it in a div
2) It defaults to “open” anyway.

cswiii @ 4:26 pm