Gray Flannel Dwarf


Uh, no.

I got my first phonecall today from a recruiting moron who was wondering “if you would be interested in working for AOL, in Sterling, Virginia”. I responded to him with a, “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” sorta attitude, to which he repeated, “I have a position available with my client, AOL in Sterling, Virginia”.

Now, to be certain, it was kinda ambiguous as to whether or not AOL was his client, or whether he was hiring for a consulting firm who was contracted out to AOL, but either way — what a moron.

Speaking of morons: do a google search for “I hate firefox” and read some of the links. It is some of the most ignorant — if not amusing — talk I have ever seen. All in all, they kinda remind me of deep-south Republicans who think that their President actually cares at all about their issues.

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