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Byrd Dog

I’m not necessarily a big fan of Robert Byrd, pork barrel beneficiary time and time again, as he may be… but I gotta hand it to the old man, for handing Bill Frist his ass in Thursday’s Senate floor debate. I finally got to see it this morning, on C-SPAN.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a transcript of it, much less the whole spiel between Sens. Frist, Reid and Byrd. C-SPAN doesn’t seem to have it up, and it doesn’t appear to yet be on Byrd’s speeches webpage.

Just freaking fantastic. The Esther allegorical was perhaps the best part of the speech.

Here are some articles that talk at least a little bit about it.
“It’s All Up- or Downhill From Here” (Washington Post)
“Byrd, Frist Spar Over Filibuster Changes” (Associated Press)

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