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I took some “me” time today — time I probably should’ve spent getting a haircut or mowing the yard — to do nothing but listen to music. The same old albums — Highway 61 and BOTT. I probably should’ve been more productive.

My weekends are far too short these days, however… and I want to be productive — I want to write music, I want to cook, etc… but after being so busy during the week, it’s hard to do that.

And I said I never wanted to be that kind of person.

I want to observe, but not have to analyze, for once.

I don’t hate what I do during the week, these days — although Mondays are tough — all things considered, I can say I’ve been learning things across a variety of different talent swaths. But then, tonight, I happened to look back at her livejournal. I read her old entries, saw the colours she expressed, the vivid imagery, and it just made me a bit… I dunno… wistful?

I’m not complaining about any sort of downward tilt in my own weblog — although my writing has changed a lot too — and I’m not complaining about having to work or the quantities or qualities thereof.

Something just doesn’t feel right, and I can’t figure out what it is. Like the itch you can’t scratch. I feel like I’m on some sort of trailblazing mission, progressing… but tearing down history and forgetting to look at anything else in the peripherials.

I dunno. I can’t put my finger on it tonight. Maybe that’s the thing, though — I shouldn’t spend all this time analyzing.

Oh yeah, and for what it’s worth, I’ve totally been diggin’ The Delivery Man in my truck for like, at least the last month+.

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Photo Labs Afraid to Print Pics Deemed “Too Professional”

There’s an interesting story on today about how some photo technicians and labs are now, under fear of violating copyright laws, refusing to print digital photos that appear to have been taken by a professional photographer:

We’ve got a law written back in the 1970s and we’re trying to apply 2005 conditions to it,” Noble said. “When you’ve got an eight-megapixel camera out there, which is what used to be reserved for professionals, and it takes professional quality, how is the processor going to know?

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