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Slouching towards South Carolina

Hey DB — look what’s coming your way.

According to the irreproachable World Net Daily, “fed-up Christians” are packing their bags and moving to South Carolina and consider secession a viable option to modern-day American governance.

“I believe we can work with ‘the system’ if you will to effect the outcome of local elections and certainly the CE theory is to do this county by county,” Janoski said, “but I do not discount the possibility that the federal government or the rest of the ‘union’ may not agree with our objectives or core politics. So secession may be a very real alternative – and is as I believe our constitutional right if things lead to that.”

“I’m about as patriotic as anyone you’ll ever meet,” says Charles Lewis, who moved his family of four from the nation’s capital for the opportunity to raise his children in a wholesome, Christian-friendly environment. “However, the secession option is firmly in the Constitution – it’s the linchpin of the whole thing, [the] ultimate safety valve.”

Actually, I’ve heard the wingnuts are a lot further along than this column indicates. They’re just trying to figure out that whole, pesky “pillar of salt” issue.

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It seems Bill Frist was, uh, for stem cell research before he was against it.

“It is critically important that we understand, and in our moral and ethical framework ensure, that this tissue otherwise would not be used,” he said. “It is similar to the fact that when I do a heart transplant, that heart otherwise would not be used for anything useful.”

On the question of whether the days-old blastocyst is a life, Frist said: “There is a continuum from a sperm and an egg, to a blastocyst, to a fetus, to a child, to an adolescent, to an adult.”

He acknowledged that other types of stem cells appear to offer some therapeutic benefits but said they were insufficient.

“It appears clear that research using adult stem cells does not hold the same potential for medical advances as does the use of the more versatile embryonic stem cells,” he said.

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