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zero-savings part deux

Well, the “zero-savings” story has now had several iterations on dKos, and while many have the right idea, there are still some who want to go ahead and blame the current administration for any impending ills. I feel that’s terribly misplaced.

Someone in this thread made a good point… this is a political issue, but it’s not a partisan one.

Where do I stand on this? There is a definite line that can, and should, be drawn between compassion for those who are truly down on their luck and those who are in trouble of their own making, and while higher energy costs, or easy credit, or the housing bubble may be easy culprits, none of these can be solely to blame, and nor can one political party be blamed for this.

Granted, changes made by the recent administration will likely make it a lot harder for people who fall in any coming recession. However, you can’t blame them for past decisions made by individuals who have failed to grasp the concept of “opportunity cost”. To make this a partisan argument doesn’t shine well on the left.

cswiii @ 3:52 pm