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Top News: Bush not found

So I decided to take a look at the GOP website today to see if they’d ever decided to put anything else up meaningful re: Katrina. They hadn’t. However, what I saw was amusing.

I went to the GOP page and saw this:

On the GOP webpage, there is currently a “broken image” for their “Top News” tab.

Well, I thought that was interesting. I decided to see what was missing, so I right-clicked on the image location to view it.

It returns a 404 – File Not Found. Well, the image link in question is supposed to go to a picture of Bush:

On behalf of everyone I’d like to thank the GOP for admitting to, and illustrating a point that we’ve all been very realizant of in the Katrina aftermath. Bush isn’t there.

A fly-by and a photo-op don’t constitute compassion, Mr. President.

cswiii @ 9:53 am